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C# Byte Conversion Class 0

C# Byte Conversion Class

I made this enum and class today at work and figured I’d share it out here. It is used for converting from a byte based unit to a larger or smaller byte based unit....

Get and Set Reflected Property Value 0

Get and Set Reflected Property Value

Here are a couple of handy C# extension methods I’ve created at work to get and set reflected property values. Required Namespaces: 1 2 using System; using System.Reflection;using System; using System.Reflection; 1 2 3...

Fun Stuff at Work? 0

Fun Stuff at Work?

Windows 7 Well, today I finally took some time and had finished installing Windows 7 in a virtual machine on my work computer. At first glance it’s very shiny!!…ooohhh…ahhhh. But the virtual machine ran...